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CaReWood: Cascading Recovered Wood.

A European project to innovatively recapture, reuse and recycle wood products.

CaReWood Work Packages

Work Package 1: Coordination and Management

The scientific coordination, administrative management and supervision of CaReWood and the associated work plan.

Work Package 2: Future development of availability & design for reuse

Based on available European and Austrian data, the current use and flow of wood (solid wood and glued structures) will be assessed. Together with data on the development of wood in construction this allows developing a model to predict amounts and qualities of recovered wood to be expected in the future.

Work Package 3: Logistics of collection and transportation

Logistics of recovered wood will be included as decisive factor for the potential of cascading. A model will be build, which will be usable on a national and transnational level. It will help in optimizing cost of logistic chains with respect to environmental parameters (including carbon footprint, ecological and economic assessment) in addition to widely used logistic parameters (e.g. time, length, number of vehicles, number of depots, size of the cargo, time-windows etc.).

Work Package 4: The upgrading concept

Investigation whether or not it is technically feasible to process larger dimension recovered wood pieces (thickness and width greater than 30 mm) into long lengths of finger or butt joined timbers.

Work Package 5: Establishment of social & political acceptance

Criteria for assessing the resource efficiency of cascaded wood products will be proposed and the resource efficiency of the cascaded use of materials will be assessed. Drawing upon the experiences of the paper cascade value chain, the wood cascade will be characterized along the entire value chain to derive new criteria for evaluating the resource efficiency of products using cascaded wood materials. Information on the resource efficiency and the quality of the upgraded materials will be gathered and guidelines for a certification and labeling system of re-used wooden products will be developed.

Work Package 6: Ecological and economic assessment of waste wood recycling

Scientifically based information regarding the environmental impacts of technological and logistical efforts needed to keep the wood in service over several product lifetimes will be provided. Additionally, an assessment of the economic performance of the innovative recycling concepts and logistical solutions will be an essential part of the WP. The WP strives to identify which steps in recovered wood cycling primarily influence the environmental impact of wood cascading.

Work Package 7: Transnational Dissemination Activities

Dissemination of the results of CaReWood to the wider scientific community and to the interested stakeholders from science, political authorities, and especially industry in order to communicate and distribute the outcomes of the project and motivate industry and the broader public to uptake the new technology.