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CaReWood: Cascading Recovered Wood.

A European project to innovatively recapture, reuse and recycle wood products.

CaReWood basic project information

The overall objective of this project is to introduce an upgrading concept for recovered solid timber as a source of clean and reliable secondary wooden products for the European industry. Such a concept will further strengthen the market competitiveness and the sustainability of wood based products. The CaReWood project will develop a business model for cascade use of wood recovered from building renovation and demolition, the furniture sector and the packaging and transport industries. The scientific and technological objectives of CaReWood include:

  • present authoritative forecasts of volumes and qualities of post-consumer and post-industrial RW
  • design guidelines to facilitate future reuse
  • develop software supported reverse logistic models for recovery of wood
  • develop, demonstrate and evaluate the feasibility of up-grading solid RW technologies
  • adopt certification and labeling criteria to cascaded wood
  • evaluate the environmental impacts and socio-economic viability of wood cascading