Waste to Resources 2015 – International Symposium

The 6th International Symposium MBT, MRF and Recycling will take place in Hannover from the 5th to 7th of May 2015. The conference and exhibition is about mechanical and biological waste treatment (MBT/AWT), waste sorting and recycling technology.

If you are interested, you can find more information on their website: http://www.waste-to-resources.eu/International-Symposium-2015.html

1st General Assembly in Paris

On November 26th 2014 the CaReWood Consortium held their first General Assembly with 23 participants at FCBA Paris. We were happy to also welcome one observer from Ademe, our french funding agency to have a look on the projects progress. All work package leaders presented their first results and the current status of their work to the consortium and came up with great ideas and questions for discussion. In the end, everyone went home with new ideas and motivation to continue their work on the CaReWood project.

Additionally, on the 25th of November, the partners took the opportunity to have work package meetings, getting to know each other better and discuss the project work. At night, most partners had an informal dinner at a wine bar in downtown Paris.

Thank you FCBA for welcoming us!


CaReWood members attend European Resources Forum

Two members from the CaReWood-Consortium (TUM and PTS) attended the European Resources Forum on November 10th-11. 2014 as well as the National Resources Forum on November 12th 2014 in Berlin. As part of the Work Package 5, CaReWood wants to develop methods to assess the resource efficiency of cascading processes. Both events were a good opportunity to get state-of-the-art information on resource policy and research and get in contact with other scientists to set a foot in the world of managing our scarce resources. Concluding, there is still a long way ahead of us until there are reliable methods to assess resource efficiency in all its complexity on product level.

More information on the European Resources Forum can be found on their website or the student’s blog. The next European Resource Forum will be in 2016, the first austrian resources forum will be in January, 21st and 22nd 2015 (in german).